Reliable DC Fluorescent Lighting


In industrial setting, you should never be left in the dark. At Marshall DC Lighting, we help you prepare for any contingency, providing reliable DC and LED lighting fixtures to meet the growing demand for dependable back-up and off-grid emergency lighting solutions.

With our reliable 48DC and 125DC lighting fixtures, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your lights on again.



Battery systems run on Direct Current (DC). In a traditional Alternating Current (AC) system, an AC to DC conversion is necessary to use DC power. Marshall DC Lighting takes DC battery power and directs it to the standard DC or LED DC loads. The result is a more dependable, constant circuit that operates with much greater efficiency than an AC system. This is one of the major reasons why Marshall DC Lighting is at the cutting edge of the latest in off-grid, remote site, and emergency back-up lighting for industrial and commercial systems.


A light-emitting diode (LED) has proven to be the replacement for outdated, standard fluorescent lighting still being used in many industrial settings. It is specified in many lighting applications similar to standard lamp fixtures. Marshall DC Lighting is now in the forefront of our industry by providing the new DC alternative: Fluorescent tubes, spotlights, jelly style, canister type, and replacement LED lamp fixtures are now manufactured with LEDs. These LEDs have significantly longer life spans and are incredibly efficient when compared to standard fluorescents.



Marshall DC Lighting makes a wide array of 48DC and 125DC lighting options available for your factory floor, manufacturing setting, or other industrial application. Here is a basic list of the applications and products we can service and sell to you, upgrading your lighting systems for maximum efficiency.


Common DC applications

  • Emergency back-up systems
  • Traffic surveillance control rooms
  • Electrical substations
  • Broadcasting and public utility control rooms
  • Computer and telephone control rooms
  • Battery and equipment control rooms
  • Off-grid remote location structures
  • Offsite trailers
  • Hazard and corrosive resistant locations
  • Explosion proof locations
  • Food preparation plants
  • Clean rooms

48DC and 125DC LED Products

  • DC fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Combination AC/DC fluorescent fixtures
  • DC corrosion-resistant fluorescent fixtures
  • DC explosion-proof fluorescent fixtures
  • DC indoor canister fixtures
  • DC flood light fixture
  • DC jelly-style exterior fixtures
  • Exterior wall-mounted fixtures
  • Exterior wall-mounted dark sky fixtures
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Siliscent lighting applications
  • Also available upon request: 132DC 12w bulbs

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Marshall DC Lighting

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48DC & 125DC LED fluorescent light fixtures and lamps for emergency, off-grid, EXIT, remote-site, power failure protection and back-up applications