LEADING THE DC LIGHTING EVOLUTION...LED fluorescent lighting for emergency, back-up, off-grid, and power failure protection applications.

Marshall DC Lighting: 48DC and 125DC LED Fluorescent Fixtures


Marshall DC Lighting is the leader in DC-powered lighting solutions, offering 48DC and 125DC LED Fluorescent Fixtures fixtures to meet the growing need for DC-powered emergency, back-up, remote-site, and off-grid lighting specifications requirements.

Progressive engineering, quality components, and solution-centric service are the hallmarks of Marshall’s sustainable value, producing state-of-the-art, quality lighting solutions for the world’s leading-edge applications.  We believe you should never be left in the dark.


Why DC and LED?


Battery systems run on Direct Current (DC). In a traditional Alternating Current (AC) system, an AC to DC conversion is necessary to use the DC power. Marshall DC Lighting takes DC battery power and directs it to the standard DC or LED DC loads. LED has proven to be the replacement, it is being specified in many lighting applications similar to standard lamp fixtures. Marshall is in the forefront by providing the new DC alternative; fluorescent tubes, spotlights, jelly style, canister type, and replacement LED lamp fixtures are now manufactured with LEDs. These LEDs have significantly longer life spans and are incredibly more efficient than standard fluorescents.
 Emergency Back-up Systems
 Traffic Surveillance Control Rooms
 Electrical Sub-Stations
 Broadcasting & Public Utility Control Rooms
 Computer & Telephone Control Rooms
 Battery & Equipment Control Rooms
 Off-Grid Remote Location Structures
 Offsite Trailers
 Hazard & Corrosive Resistant Locations
 Explosion Proof Locations
 Food Preparation Plants
 Clean Rooms

48DC & 125DC LED
 DC Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
 Combination AC/DC Fluorescent Fixtures
 DC Corrosion Resistant Fluorescent Fixtures
 DC Explosion Proof Fluorescent Fixtures
 DC Indoor Canister Fixtures
 DC Flood Light Fixture
 DC Jelly Style Exterior Fixtures
 Exterior Wall Mounted Fixtures
 Exterior Wall Mounted Dark Sky Fixtures
 Emergency Exit Signs

 Siliscent Lighting applications

 Also available upon request 132DC 12Watt Bulbs


- We can manufacture most any type of 48DC & 125DC Light Fixture -

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